Electric transport: better life quality in the cities.

Electric transport: better life quality in the cities.

Nature is going to take millions of years to recover from the catastrophic effects of fossil fuels. Thus, electric transport has become one of the most promising paths towards environmental sustainability. Within the European Mobility Week framework, which runs until September 22, we want to highlight the importance of green transportation.

Today, much of the transportation system is powered by fossil fuels, which do more harm than good. Among the many detremental effects these types of fuels cause are:

  • Pollution, from the burning of fossil fuels which causes 4.5 million deaths annually in the world.
  • An increase of the greenhouse effect due to the doubling of carbon dioxide emissions since the beginning of the 20th century.
  • A radical decrease in the quality of life and health of the population, especially in large cities.
  • An increase in social imbalance. Only a quarter of the world’s population consumes ¾ of of the total energy.
  • Economic losses equivalent to 3,3 % of the annual GDP.

The transition to electric transport: characteristics and advantages

Electric vehicles are those vehicles that do not need fuel to function. They use electricity. In addition, they use more intelligent systems and networks, maximizing the vehicle’s energy recovery. These systems include:

  • An electric driving system.
  • An electric auxiliary system.
  • A battery management system.
  • A break system. 

In addition, and as the last main characteristic, electric vehicles maintenance is much simpler. Thanks to this, costs and raw materials are saved.

3 Main advantages of the Implementation of electric transport

The arrival of electric transport means both an improvement in energy efficiency and a reduction in local emissions. Among the most important advantages are:

Reduction of local atmospheric emissions

The generation of renewable energy and the implementation of electric motors suppress the direct emission of greenhouse gases and toxic gases. Speeding up the arrival of electric mass transportation could prevent the accumulation of more than 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide, accelerating the decarbonization process. 

Improvement of the quality of life and health of people

By not emitting toxic gases, electric transport becomes an essential part of improving people’s health. In fact, the cases of premature death can be reduced thanks to the fact that fossil fuels are not being burnt. The electrification of transport would prevent 120,000 premature deaths a year. 

Strategies to implement a 100 % electric transport system in cities

Innovation contributes to strengthening public health and quality of life. Find out why electric transport is at the forefront of innovation.-2

Installation of Charging Points

The public administration and energy companies in each city must guarantee electric vehicle charging points. These can be fast charging (25 mins), semi-fast (2 hrs), and slow points (4-6 hrs). Iberdrola is planning to install 150,000 charging points, in a period of 4 years, in Spain.

The 100 % integration of electric transport must go together with a solid and structured regulatory framework. This framework must respond to novel and innovative alternatives such as green hydrogen for the electrification of public transportation.

Electric mobility is vital for new cities. The urban centers of the future must be designed for the benefit of their citizens and without putting the ecosystem at risk.


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