Self-consumption, an environmentally friendly alternative

Self-consumption, an environmentally friendly alternative

Photovoltaic self-consumption is a now growing trend in the world. Being more energy efficient, taking care of the planet, and saving are the main reasons for this boom. In addition, aids and subsidies make it a perfect time to join self-consumption.

Self-consumption in Spain and the EU

Due to the volatility of electricity prices in Spain over the last four years (from 2017 to 2021), the annual capacity installed for self-consumption has increased ten times (Statista, 2022).

Other European countries with photovoltaic installations are Germany, France, and Italy. Germany is a leader in renewable energy production and is the fastest growing country in solar battery storage systems.

On the other hand, in France, renewable energies have tax benefits, subsidies, and interest-free loans for investment. Finally, Italy has many incentives for solar photovoltaic installations.

What reasons lead world powers to prefer and encourage photovoltaic installations? We will describe those reasons in detail below.

Self-consumption, an environmentally friendly alternative

Advantages of self-consumption

Installing solar farms and panels in homes or buildings is a highly profitable investment. It combats energy poverty in vulnerable populations.

The following are some other benefits of self-consumption:

Savings on the electricity bill

Saving is one of the reasons why thousands of homes are currently considering the installation of solar panels. Consuming the energy produced by the home itself can lead to a reduction in electricity costs of 50% to 70%.

In addition, every user has control over the installation, consumption, and savings. The bill can be significantly reduced with good management and optimizing electricity use.

Commitment to the environment

Global warming is a reality that is raising awareness among citizens. Considering this, installing photovoltaic solar energy in homes is an effective way for people to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Besides, it avoids polluting energy sources and reduces CO2 emissions, improving air quality. Picture the reduction in figures: you can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 45% in your home. And, if you integrate a battery, they are reduced by up to 85% (Endesa, n.d).

Self-consumption increases your home’s real estate price

When we say that it is an investment, we mean that you can sell the house for 4% above the commercial value if you have solar panel systems in your home. Also, remember that 8 out of 10 people, when buying a house, opt for those that generate less environmental impact.

To be more conscious about installing a solar system, you must know the existing self-consumption modalities. According to Royal Decree 244/2019, published in BOE, there are two modalities:

  • With surpluses: those that export energy to the electricity grid when a home or industry is inactive.
  • No surpluses: this installation guarantees users that the energy will not go to the network.

Finally, we want you to know the minimum requirements for your photovoltaic solar installation to be successful.

Requirements for the implementation of photovoltaic energy

First, consider the space. A minor installation has six solar panels, so a roof must support it. This space must also have a good inclination and a correct orientation towards the sun.

Another point that you should evaluate is the connection. The plates must be connected to the electrical service panel to send power, whether the system is installed on a roof or the ground.

If you want specialized advice, Iberdrola (the reference company for self-consumption in Spain through SmartSolar) offers services for your home and large industries (Iberdrola, n.d.). A more sustainable world is possible if every citizen is aware of the positive impact of their actions. We can achieve sustainability if we work together.


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